Sardinia Travel Tips

Insider’s tip Geremeas – the pearl of southern Sardinia

written by Thomas Waldschmidt on 12.09.15

While summer at our latitude is quite slow kicking off, vivacious “sun, summer and sea” life in Sardinia is already in full swing. Today and in the following months, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful regions and beaches of southeastern Sardinia. I am extremely pleased that I can do this with the help of some very impressive aerial shots.


I would like to begin with a true insider’s tip: the residential area and beach of Geremeas, located about 35 kilometers east of Cagliari. Naturally, I have also picked the most beautiful houses for your vacation there and I am happy to help you with anything.


But now I would like to invite you to let yourself be enchanted by impressions from the sky above Geremeas.

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