Torre delle Stelle

In German-speaking countries Sardinia has the reputation of being an especially exclusive holiday destination. Renting one of the grand vacation homes is thought to be prohibitively expensive. But that’s only a myth!
The villas and vacation homes we have selected in the southern Sardinian town of Torre Delle Stelle are a wonderful counter-example which demonstrates that a holiday in a vacation home in Sardinia can definitely be easy on your budget.


Light house surrounded by romance at its purest

The idea of christening the old lighthouse around which this charming village was built “Star Tower” was probably born of a feeling of being closer to the heavenly bodies at this spot than anywhere else. And in fact, at night the two hills towering over the sea usually offer an unimpeded view of the Milky Way.
But the “Torre delle Stelle” does not only radiate a delightfully romantic atmosphere at night time. Here – within sight of the island’s capital city Cagliari – you can experience day in and day out how relaxing the combination of panoramic views and the sound of the waves is. Torre delle Stelle is exactly the right spot for anyone who longs for peace and quiet and a holiday “all’italiana”.

Sophisticated charm and sea views

Quite a few earth-bound stars have also built their hideaways in southern Sardinia and spend their days gazing at the crystal clear waters; thanks to the slightly sloping location and the outstanding quality of the water, it is easy to survey and observe the activity below.
A longing for sand is sated by two adjacent coves with fine-grained sand where swimmers and water sports aficionados get their money’s worth. The affiliated diving school is integrated into the infrastructure of the town, which is otherwise still intact. A supermarket, restaurant and football field make planning holiday activities easy.

A Villa by the sea…

Torre delle Stelle was discovered in the sixties. The objective was to establish a holiday spot with a great deal of privacy and flair. Consequently, the wealthier families of Cagliari and the Italian mainland moved to the two hills below the lighthouse in order to set up prestigious family estates by the sea.
Since then, large properties with spacious villas characterise the townscape of this holiday destination, creating a beautiful hideaway for romantics, sea view enthusiasts and people enamoured of the “old” Italy of Fellini.

Torre delle Stelle, tips

Dining and sea view

Agriturismo Sa Guardia

This agro-tourism farm is situated on a hill above Torre delle Stelle; it offers visitors home-made specialities served in the form of a multi-course menu. Great view, great food!Information here.

Diving school

Manni’s diving school

One of the classic diving schools in southern Sardinia.Manni has lived in Sardinia for several decades and is a master of his craft.More information on his Website.

Nature Park Sette Fratelli

Hiking in the mountains

Anyone who yearns for something that contrasts with the sun, sand and sea should go on an excursion into the Sarrabus mountains.A fascinating landscape full of intriguing stories about the Sardinian hinterland. Information here.

Beach bar

Sa Sindria

A young, modern venue on the beach.Let your day by the sea wind down to a relaxing conclusion amidst lounge chairs, cool drinks and Italian beach chatter.Here is a link to the Facebook page