Summer dreams and la dolce vita in Torre delle Stelle

Summer dreams and la dolce vita in Torre delle Stelle

Torre delle Stelle - Pure romance around the lighthouse

In English-speaking countries, Sardinia has the reputation of being an especially exclusive holiday destination. Renting one of these elegant vacation homes must be unaffordable. At least that is what people believe!

Vacation rentals in Sardinia can be affordable and are in fact quite easy on your budget. Our hand-selected villas and vacation homes in the southern Sardinian town of Torre delle are living proof.
The idea of calling the old lighthouse around which this charming town is built the “Star Tower” must have come from the feeling of being closer to the celestial bodies here than anywhere else. Both hills, majestically elevated above the sea, reveal a – usually – clear view of the Milky Way at night and magnificent sunrises come morning.

Sophisticated charm meets dream panorama

Many a “worldly starlet” has also sought refuge in southern Sardinia, spending days gazing at the crystal clear waves – their activities being easy to “view” due to the gradual slope and excellent water quality.
Two adjoining bays with fine sand satisfy swimmers and water sports enthusiasts equally. The affiliated diving school is firmly established within the sound infrastructure of Torre delle Stelle, which also includes a supermarket, a restaurant and a football / soccer field - features that are appreciated by holidaymakers.

Anyone who has visited this gem of a town will have enough stories to tell about la dolce vita, the enchanting sea and – thank heavens – the stars. Enjoy your holiday in a vacation home in Sardinia….

Maybe we can interest you in a short flight over the bay beneath the house on the seaside cliff? Simply click here. .

Torre delle Stelle

Torre delle Stelle
Cafè do Mar
Beach bar at Cannessisa-Bay.
Live music in the summer.
Boat excursions
Half- and full day excursions with lunch on board.
Agriturismo Sa Guardia
Typical sardinian Restaurant situated on a hill above Torre d. Stelle.
Book your table one day in advance.
Manni's diving school
diving school with german guide with much experience towards the dive site.
Ristorante Da Barbara
Just a few kilometers from Geremeas there is the litle village called "Solanas". The Restaurant is across the petrol station.
Finest Seafood!
Tel: (+39) 070 750630
Rent a boat, bike or motorbike
Situated at "Genn'e Mari's" beach.