In the last few years, the tiny former fishing village of Villasimius has evolved into a genuine highlight. The extremely lovely geographic location joins and connects the eastern with the southern coast. And so it is an amalgamation of everything that makes Sardinia so uniquely beautiful:rugged coastal cliffs, long sandy coves and small secluded swimming spots, always set off by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Variety is the greatest asset

People who love holidaying in Villasimius love variety. Many years ago, the clever town manager already understood that the natural potential of the region can only be fully developed through high-quality tourism with a sustainability orientation.
And so a decision was made to create an infrastructure that also attracts discerning and wealthy holiday makers.
In addition, Villasimius has a large number of excellent restaurants, most of which are operated as family businesses. So you will find optimal conditions for spending relaxing and enjoyable days here throughout the entire year.
The centre of town is of ancient origin and still conveys an impression of what the former fishing village in the southeast of Sardinia looked like some time ago. In the meantime, restaurants and cafés have opened up all around the piazza. In the summer, the village road becomes a pedestrian zone and thus an evening meeting place for locals and holiday makers alike.

Marina and golf course

Many of the old Costa Smeralda fans have long since shifted their sights to the south of the island. And so it is not very surprising that Villasimius has become the focus of the more well-to-do because of its historically developed local structure and natural beauty.
A very fashionable marina and an 18-hole golf course that underscore the flair and image of Villasimius were constructed in order to cater to the new clientele.
Of course, people with average incomes get their money’s worth as well. An excursion to the harbour is still worth it, even if you cannot afford your own yacht. An outing with a sailboat or a delicious snack in the harbour pub definitely make a visit well worth it.

Beaches and bays

Further away from the main access roads to the long, wide beaches of the town, there are many small cul-de-sac tracks leading to the literally innumerable small coves.
People who love to unwind by taking long walks on the beach will delight in the beautiful sandy beaches at Capo Carbonara and Campulongu. If you prefer even more solitude, you should undertake an exploratory expedition: just take your chances and venture along one of the small tracks leading to the water. Everything you discover is fascinating and beautiful!

Hotels and Villas

While some slightly unattractive apartment buildings can be found in parts of the town centre and the directly adjacent areas, along the beaches more effort was devoted to ensuring that the villas and hotels fit into the landscape and are well-integrated into the lovely appearance of the coast. So it is fortunate that today you can find really lovely and tasteful accommodation options right next to the sea – and of course a few especially beautiful vacation homes through us.

Villasimius, Tips

Beach bar Delfino

Stabilimento Delfino

Located at the loveliest spot on the wide Simius beach, it offers everything that holiday makers might wish for.From conventional lounge chairs, delicious snacks and all kinds of rental options, such as pedal boats, canoes etc… Here is a link to the Website.

Wine and aperitif


Anyone who would like to get to know the variety of Sardinian wines and craft beers will be in the best of hands with Luca and his team.He serves all sorts of treats on Via del Mare (link to Facebook).

Breakfast and pastry

La Perla

If you enjoy the typical Italian morning scenario revolving around espresso & the like, you will find the perfect venue here. The finest baked goods and sweets, against a background of the hectic babble of voices typical of an Italian morning. Fantastic!

Sailboat outing

Matilda II

Changing your perspective and admiring the beautiful coast near Villasimius from the water is definitely worth it. The Matilda is an old, slightly “touristy” sailboat that offers boat tours including lunch. Information here.

Kite surfing school

Kitesurf Sardinia

According to the company’s information, it maintains a presence at all the best kite surfing spots in Sardinia – so of course in Villasimius as well. Anyone who would like to learn the art of kite surfing can find information here.


Sa Bingia

Yummy, yummy! Actually, Sa Bingia is more of a restaurant than a typical agro-tourism establishment. Nevertheless, the foods and beverages are Sardinian through and through – and delicious to boot.Make sure to make a reservation the day before! (Information here).

Golf * 18

Tanka Golf

Since the local Tanka Resort has been managing the golf course, it has reverted back to its original appearance. The demanding course rewards players with beautiful panoramic views along the southeastern coast. Here is a report.

Fish restaurant + pizzeria

Santa Maria

Pleasant, family-operated restaurant with a rich tradition and the best of relationships with the local fishermen: pizza, pesce or pasta: everything is great! More information can be found here.