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1.) You have found “your” vacation home and you want to make a binding booking online? Then simply fill out the online registration below and press “Send”.

2.) The free time slots shown in our availability calendar are updated regularly. Nonetheless, the availability check is non-binding. Only after receiving confirmation from us does your booking become binding.

3.) We will review your booking request within 24 hours and send the rental documents to your email address. If we are not equipped to meet your booking request, we will contact you.

4.) After receiving your rental documents, please follow the information in your confirmation email.

5.) The login details included will grant you access to log into your personal booking area on our website There, you will find up-to-date information (account balance, booking details, travel directions, etc.) concerning your booking.

6.) The local service agency (Cascoop Service srl, Via delle Madrepore, Loc. Porto Corallo, I-09040 Villaputzu) provides support for the vacation homes and rental clients during the rental period. It also offers optional services that you can book with the online registration.

Online booking form for a holiday home in Sardinia

House No.
House No.
  • - House No.
  • 105 Villetta Sabbia
  • 106 Villa Bianca
  • 109 Villa Smeralda style
  • 114 Villa Aurora
  • 205b Casa Tramonto I
  • 205d Casa Tramonto II
  • 209 Villa Fantastica
  • 338.2 Villa Mare II
  • 338.3 Villa Mare III
  • 340 Casa Stella
  • 341 Villa Michy- Rarity with "private beach"
  • 352 Villa Ruxi
  • 356.2 Apartment on the dream Bay
  • 375 Villa Family I
  • 376 Villa Family II
  • 378.1 Villetta Campulongu I
  • 378.2 Villetta Campulongu II
  • 382 Villa Caterina
  • 404 The Pearl House
  • 409 Villa Fenice
  • 410 House with a Rooftop patio in dream location
  • 411 Luxurious Gem by the Sea
  • 412 Villetta Mare
  • 413 Casa Centrale 2
  • 415 Casa Centrale 1
  • 423 Casa Oleandro
  • 425 Villa with roof terrace I
  • 427 Villa del Mirto
  • 428 Villetta Rei
  • 431 Cosy Beach Residence
  • 442.1 Casa Aurora
  • 442.2 Casa Onda
  • 446 Casa Spiaggia
  • 453.1 Gallery house for beach fans
  • 458 Panorama villa with gigantic terrace
  • 471 Villa Regina
  • 472 Bon Vivant's Megavilla I
  • 472.1 Bellavista deluxe I
  • 473 Bon Vivant's Megavilla II
  • 473.1 Bellavista deluxe I
  • 474.1 Casa Buongiorno
  • 474.2 Casa Buongiorno 2
  • 474.3 Casa Buongiorno 3
  • 475.1 Villa Paradiso I
  • 475.2 Villa Paradiso II
  • 475.3 Villa Paradiso III
  • 482 Villa Campidanese
  • 483 Tower villa with Pool
  • 484 Tower villa with pool
  • 485 Villa Splendida
  • 486 Modern Style Pool Villa
  • 487 Modern Style Beach Villa
  • 489 Villetta Meravigliosa
  • 493 Casa Rei
  • 494 Serene Treasure
  • 495 House at the Top I
  • 496 House at the Top II
  • 497 House at the Top III
  • 498 Villetta Nai
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Additional services for your holiday home in Sardinia

The landlords have commissioned a local service agency (Cascoop Service srl, Via delle Madrepore, Loc. Porto Corallo, I-09040 Villaputzu) with the management and support for their rental properties and their tenants during the rental period.
The Centro Servizi offers the following services, which you can choose to book according to your needs – those, too, have to be paid cash on arrival.

single bed lines (including 2 towels): 20 € per set
bed lines for a double bed (including 4 towels): 40 € per set
Beach towels: 8 € per set
deck chairs: 2 € per day
child´s cot or crib: 3 € per day
child´s high chair: 2 € per day

Detailed information of prices and conclude booking

I confirm that I oblige to the booking of the above stated house. The total amount due – deriving from rental charge and any other optional and non-optional services amounts to

. The amount compiles as following:
   Charges due rent (days) and services provided by Tisenti GmbH
   on-site support
   final cleaning
   additional services

   total amount
   deposit (via bank transfer or PayPal)
Yes, I have read the Contract Conditions (divided in General Agency Conditions and the Rental Contract Conditions), and I agree to those conditions. I was also informed about the special local aspects in the menu item General Information.