Inexpensive rental cars in Sardinia

Discover Sardinia with your rental car

Sardinia offers a wide variety of beautiful locations. However, the distances to the island’s natural and cultural landmarks are often underestimated. As a result, many a vacationer could have kicked himself for not having organized a set of wheels in advance. Using public transportation on the island is time-consuming and above all, the routes from Cagliari to the resorts are fairly infrequent.

Arriving at the airport of Cagliari, for example, you must first take a bus to Cagliari station (Stazione Centrale) in order to then continue your journey towards Villasimius and Costa Rei (Timetable information here).

What to consider when renting a car in Sardinia? Here are our top 3 tips:

1.) The price is right – but not always!

Always check what services are included in the “Best Price” offer, and where the car rental company is located at the airport. Some of the cheaper services are located outside of the airport, which usually results in an inconvenient transfer and long waiting times.

2.) What are the rules regarding fuel?

In the last few years the “full/empty” arrangement has become increasingly more common. This means that you rent the car with a full tank (and of course, pay the rental car company for the fuel), and later, you return the car with an empty tank. This arrangement is rather disadvantageous for the customer, because no one likes the risk of driving on an empty tank. Hence, you end up giving the leftover fuel to the rental company.

3.) Insurance benefits and “co-driver”

It’s quite mind-blowing what competing car rental companies will do in order to make more money. The most popular trick is selling additional insurance benefits on-site. If you want to have “no deductible / cost sharing amount” and maybe even a “co-driver”, you can easily end up paying half of the car rental on top.
Our tip: Always rent a car with “no deductible / cost sharing amount” and – where possible and desired – including one co-driver free of charge. If local employees still try to sell you additional offers (likely to happen with Gold Cars, for example) don’t be fooled! You are insured by the booking portal where you made your reservation.

Also, many credit card companies cover the insurance’s deductible / cost sharing amount, so you might want to check if yours does. If it does, you can pay for the car with your credit card and choose an offer with a high deductible /cost sharing amount -  which is usually much cheaper.

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