Anyone who drives out of Cagliari heading east will be mesmerised again and again by breathtaking the panoramas and views. Completely hidden – and therefore a safe distance away from the streams of tourists – you will suddenly find a wonderful, two kilometre long beach: Geremeas..

Experience the quiet side of Sardinia

The two access roads leading into the residential areas are quite inconspicuous, suggesting that people in Geremeas appreciate their peace and quiet. The well-known Hotel Cala Serena serves as an enlivening element. There is a small supermarket for everyday shopping, and otherwise the customary cafè-bar and a really good pizzeria. You might conclude, “That’s it”. But that would not be fair to this beautiful spot.
What is really special about Geremeas is that you can actually spend a relaxing holiday there, enjoying peace and quiet in abundance – and above all privacy. The beautiful villas built along the beach all date back to a time when building homes with generous dimensions was not yet the custom. So the entire little village radiates an extremely relaxing atmosphere of “dolce vita” and “beach holiday as it was meant to be”.

Tip for individualists

The secret why this place exerts such a great attraction on individualists is in particular the fact that hardly any tourists stumble across Geremeas by accident. It offers everything you might need for relaxing days by the sea – subtly proportioned and spiced up with all kinds of Mediterranean flair.
Relax for a few days, unwind and find time for all the things and people that get neglected in your day-to-day life. A holiday without bingo and bongo: that is Geremeas.

Excursions into the surrounding countryside and hinterland

The geographic location of Geremeas is also interesting. Barely 40 kilometres from the capital of the island, the chic residential area is undoubtedly one of the beach gems on the south coast of Sardinia.
But not only that. The attractions in the surrounding area such as the large beach resorts Villasimius and Costa Rei are only a 20 minute drive away. Not to mention Cagliari, the island’s capital city, which has evolved into an insider tip in the last few years: in the meantime as far as attractiveness and flair are concerned it is easily a match for Mediterranean destinations that are much more well-known.
By contrast, anyone who would prefer to breathe in a little fresh mountain air can take advantage of a nearly perfect access route to the nature park “Sette Fratelli”, a genuine wonder of nature that amalgamates the entire beauty of the Sardinian hinterland.

Diving in and getting into sports

By all rights. Just lying around and relaxing is not really recreation. So it is a good idea to keep an eye out for what benefits body and soul – sports.
Aside from the possibility of participating in the usual ball games on the beach, our small village also offers great options above all for divers. The residential area “Kal’e Moru” with its highly regarded Diving school. is situated at the western end of Geremeas beach.
For racing bike enthusiasts, it should be mentioned that the nearby coastal road is an Eldorado for serious cyclists. However, you have to be in relatively good shape in order to cope with the ups and downs on the slopes above the magnificent background of sandy beach.

Geremeas, tips


Bar/Pizzeria La Gondola

Simple, but very pleasant bar and pizzeria in the “Geremeas 2” residential area. We recommend “coffee afterwards” and a delectable pizza.
Here is a link to the Facebook page

Horseback riding


The hotel “Il Monastero” is located just outside of Geremeas. It organises great horseback rides into the hinterland and – sometimes – even to the beach.

Wine shop

Solanas Vini

Drive along the coastal road for about 5 km towards Villasimius until you get to the place name sign for “Solanas”. The “Vini Solanas” store is located on the same road right after the village proper begins. You can buy fresh table wine directly from the barrel.

Seafood dining

Ristorante da Barbara

In the neighbouring village of Solanas diagonally opposite the filling station. The finest seafood dishes are served in an informal setting.
Reservations required! Tel: (+39) 070 750630