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Costa Rei’s dream beach

written by Thomas Waldschmidt on 07.05.14

What should I say? Every time I write about Costa Rei, it seems like I am writing promotion on behalf of the local tourism board. That is not true! But today it is raining here in Munich and I can literally feel my heart skip a beat just thinking of my trip to Costa Rei next week. I admit it: it is real love! I fondly remember how I met “her” about 25 years ago. I had just graduated from secondary school and I was about to experience a summer that would shape the rest of my life.


We had arrived at Costa Rei somewhere around midnight. The next morning – still slightly drowsy from the trip – I opened the patio door of our vacation rental. All of a sudden, I was wide awake. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The sun was shining across a seemingly endless sandy white beach directly below. “This must be the Caribbean,” I thought to myself and at that moment I already knew that I was in love. 


The King’s Coast: there really could have been no better name for Costa Rei. In the sixties this stretch of coast was still entirely undiscovered: only gradually did people start to settle in the first vacation homes along the ten kilometer long dream beach. In the seventies the old sand tracks were covered in cement. That marked the beginning of Costa Rei tourism. Thankfully, back then there were already some smart people at the building authorities of the municipalities Castiadas and Muravera, which both belong to Costa Rei. From the outset, only construction projects designed to visually merge with the natural surroundings and with a maximum construction height of one storey were permitted. Unlike other Mediterranean beaches, there are no giant hotels even to this day.


Also, this natural paradise encompasses roughly five kilometers that have not been cultivated at all. My love for Costa Rei has not left me since that first look at the sandy white beach. I have spent many beautiful days there, found many friends, and every year I return full of anticipation. I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the broad variety of choices. I love long walks on the beach that always end with a jump into the turquoise water. Whether it is surfing, snorkeling, beach volleyball, beach soccer or just gazing at the sea: I enjoy each and every summery moment.


My favourite Costa Rei beach huts

Several fantastic beach huts have opened up in the last few years, by the way. My buddy Massimo has fulfilled his lifelong dream with “Maklas” ( This charming, beautiful spot can be found in Cala Sinzias, roughly four kilometers south of Costa Rei.


For those who prefer a more rustic and Sardinian vibe, we recommend visiting Nando’s “I Tarocchi”. About two kilometers south of the main beach (approaching from Costa Rei), there is a sign on the left. There, you turn onto a gravel road that leads you down to the bar.

Both “Maklas” and “I Tarocchi” are the perfect spots to enjoy a nice lunch or an ice-cold sundowner later on. They ensure a seamless transition to pizza, pasta and other culinary delights in Costa Rei. Speaking of which: I have become particularly fond of “L’Aragosta”, which is located in Via Colombio in the center of Costa Rei. Max himself, the restaurant’s Swiss owner, still serves his customers personally. My tip: “Filetto al pepeverde”…


In barely one week I will be back at my dream beach. Before Munich’s annual Oktoberfest craziness kicks off, I will trade my “Lederhose” for swimming trunks and let my “beloved” inspire and facinate me in her magnificent, sandy late summer dress.

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