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Whether you are looking for a villa, a cottage or an apartment: 50 different vacation ideas in Sardinia are now yours to discover!

Choosing Tisenti means choosing carefully selected vacation rentals in southern Sardinia - exclusively available through us. We know exactly what is important to our customers and we always do our best to represent your needs and wishes vis-à-vis the homeowners. And if you do end up in a jam: Our local team is just a call away. Tisenti is the ideal partner for individuals who would like to spend a unique vacation in the beautiful and authentic world of Sardinia. Tisenti – truly special!

Tisenti is the ideal partner for individuals who would like to spend a unique vacation in the beautiful and authentic world of Sardinia. Tisenti – truly special!

Our vacation rentals in Sardinia – individual, hand-picked, transparent

Lately, travel and accommodation websites seem to be popping up everywhere, but they are often maze-like and nearly impossible to navigate. Tisenti offers an alternative in line with our motto: “individual, hand-picked and transparent”

Our range of vacation rentals stands out because it focuses on quality instead of quantity. We personally visit and select every house, apartment and villa in our portfolio with great care. We believe that this is the only way we can offer you the best and most beautiful vacation homes in Sardinia.

A magnificent island, gorgeous towns, perfect locations

Geremeas, Costa Rei, Torre delle Stelle and Villasimius are among the most appealing towns on the island of Sardinia – and that is exactly where our vacation homes are located. Therefore, they provide the perfect starting point for you to explore the marvelous southeast and be inspired by the infectious savoir-vivre of Sardinia. Whether you prefer a cottage with a seaside view, a luxurious villa with a pool or you want the beach at your doorstep: we spare no effort to make sure you can enjoy carefree days in the vacation home of your dreams.

Perfect vacation is not a game of chance, but a matter of trust

In the last 15 years roughly 5,000 customers have given us their vote of confidence and we feel a little proud to claim that we have done a good job at serving as an intermediary between vacationers and homeowners – and different cultures. Every November, when we open our booking window for the upcoming season, we are absolutely delighted to discover that roughly 30% of our rental accommodations are already rented or reserved by regulars.

Your wishes are heard because we are on-site

We make sure to always maintain personal contact with our customers and the homeowners. You let us know what your needs and wishes are, so we can provide you with the best possible service during the planning stages of your trip and during your vacation in Sardinia.
This is why we focus on providing honest and competent consultation in advance. If – for some reason - we are not able to meet your requirements, we will tell you straight up.

Our local knowledge is impeccable and of course we know every homeowner personally. Every year, we spend several months on-site and act as an exclusive intermediary for all accommodations offered. Do you have specific questions or a special request? Just give us a call, so we can sort it out for you.
Being in a foreign country with a foreign language, you might at some point find yourself in a situation in need of a bit of assistance: our local support is bilingual and just a call away – anytime.

Start your vacation in Sardinia now

Everyone knows the feeling: that joyful anticipation before an upcoming vacation. How about taking it to the next level? You can already start planning your vacation in Sardinia now. Our quick search tool will help you select the perfect vacation home that meets your individual criteria. Reservation and booking are just as easy. And if you want to find out more about this marvelous island or your journey there, you will find plenty of information on our site.

We are happy to answer all of your questions personally. Just give us a call or send an email. Enough said – we wish you a lovely vacation in Sardinia.


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