Sardinia Travel Tips

Vacation in Sardinia with a dog

written by Thomas Waldschmidt on 14.06.15

Many foreign guests like taking their dog along on vacation. And why not share those sunny summer days in the Mediterranean climate with your furry four-legged friend? Unfortunately, the Italian legislative system does not entirely share its visitors’ love of dogs. Dogs are generally prohibited on beaches – namely in all of Italy.

Well, if you know Italy, you know that “the pasta is never eaten as hot as it is cooked”. But still: rules are rules.


Nonetheless, I can reassure our animal lovers that, in over twenty years, I have only experienced one single instance when the dog ban was actually demanded by beach visitors. And that was when a pretty unfriendly, barking dog discovered a group of small kids playing ball. In that case the rule applied: humans (the smaller, the more urgent) trump dogs. If you watch your dog, though, perhaps position yourself a bit farther away from the main area of the beach and make sure to respect the hierarchy mentioned so everyone can interact peacefully, then you and your dog will surely continue to be welcome on the beaches of Sardinia.

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