Travelling to Sardinia by ferry

Sardinia by ferry

Important tips for choosing the right ferry boat to Sardinia

Undoubtedly, there are advantages to traveling to Sardinia in your own car. Firstly, the car ride to the ferry port will allow for a smooth transition from everyday life into the country of la dolce vita. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay attention to the luggage restrictions and regulations of the airlines, so you can fill up the trunk with all the things you do not want to do without during your vacation.

The car drive to the ferry ports of Genua or Livorno is usually quite doable with a short stop or maybe even an overnight stay in between. From there, ferries cross over to northern Sardinia every day. You can choose between ferries by SardegnaFerries, Moby Lines and Tirrenia. Which company offers the  transit option suitable for you depends on several criteria.

Our tips for you:

1.) If possible, make the trip on a weekday

Ferries cost way less during weekdays than on the weekend. That is primarily due to the fact that most hotels and rental agencies force their customers to arrive and depart on a Saturday or Sunday. The result is clear: prices go up!

By the way, Tisenti lets you choose your arrival and departure day freely!

2.) When traveling with a dog, cat or mouse, different regulations apply

Not every ferry company allows pets on deck, let alone in the cabins. Just the thought of having a beloved cat spend its ferry ride in a kennel is enough to bring tears to many animal lovers’ eyes. That alone is why it is definitely a good idea to compare the various regulations of the ferry companies concerning “animal transport”.

3.) Day or night passage?

We strongly recommend taking the night ferry. Although it might usually be a bit more expensive, your arrival on the island will definitely be considerably more relaxed. Imagine boarding the ferry after several hours of car driving: you will be thankful to just have a small bite to eat in the restaurant on board and then get a good night’s sleep in your cabin.

4.) Which port of destination in Sardinia makes the most sense?

Most ferry companies head for the ports in northern Sardinia. Whether the passage terminates in Olbia, GolfoAranci or Porto Terres does not really matter. Off the record: the best offer should determine the route. In the mean time, the road system in Sardinia is well developed, so it should take you about three hours from north to south. Of course, we will provide you with directions that will hopefully lead you to your resort quickly and safely.